Pumpkin Pet Insurance Month

Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital, Covington, Louisiana
September 2022

What is pet insurance? From everyday illnesses to emergency accidents, the unexpected costs of veterinary care can really add up over a pet’s life. If your dog or cat gets hurt or sick, pet insurance can reimburse you for a large portion of any covered vet bills. This can make it easier to provide your pet with the best care possible – even when it comes at a high cost – and save thousands on medical expenses over their lifetime.

How much is pet insurance? The cost of your Pumpkin Pet Insurance plan will depend on a few key factors: Breed: Certain breeds have more health problems than others and cost a little more to insure, so this is a factor that can impact the monthly cost of your plan. Location: Average vet care costs in your city are taken into consideration, so pet parents in cities with less costly vet care may have lower monthly premiums (and vice versa). Age: Older pets are at a higher risk for developing certain illnesses, so you can expect to pay a higher monthly premium for an adult or senior vs. a puppy or kitten. That said, Pumpkin insurance plans will NEVER reduce or limit coverage for aging pets. Species: Generally speaking, dogs tend to cost more to insure than cats. However, this won’t always be the case depending on the breed, age, and location of your pet. Annual Coverage Limit: The amount your insurance plan is designed to cover in eligible vet bills each year will impact the cost of your plan. Higher annual limits usually result in higher monthly premiums, whereas lower annual limits result in lower ones.

Pumpkin plans cover key things that most insurances leave out such as hereditary conditions, dental and gum disease, behavioral issues, sick visit exam fees, and prescription foods. They also cover eye, ear and skin infections, digestive illnesses, hip dysplasia, cancer and growths, orthopedic injuries, diagnostics and treatments, prescription meds, emergencies and hospitalization, surgery and specialized care and alternative therapies. The Preventive essentials give you a 100 % refund for 3 key services vets recommend: annual wellness exam, yearly vaccines, and parasite screening tests.

Here at Crosspoint we want the best for our patients and that is why we recommend Pumpkin Insurance. For more information on pet insurance and how to sign up click the link below.

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