Adopt a Shelter Dog Month

Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital, Covington, Louisiana
September 2020

American Humane has celebrated “Adopt a shelter dog month” since 1981 each October in hopes of trying to help an estimated 3-4 million animals waiting in shelters every year get the loving, forever homes that they deserve.

Here are 9 reasons why you should adopt a shelter dog from your local shelter:

1. You are saving more than one life. It goes without saying that when you adopt a shelter pet you’re saving a life, but you are actually saving more than one meaning you’re making space for another animal in need and by giving them the opportunity to become beloved pets.

2. Unconditional love! Most people think when adopting a shelter dog, they won’t have a connection with them, but shelter dogs have so much love to give and won’t ever stop giving it to you once you open up to them.

3. You are giving a second chance to a deserving animal. Besides helping an animal in need, you are giving the dog an opportunity to find their voice, to be themselves again and get a second chance to become a dog beyond the shelter walls of a shelter.

4. This is a chance to get or stay active. Having a four-legged friend gives you a reason to get outdoors and stretch your legs.

5. You are fighting against cruel breeding. Most puppies that are purchased at pet stores almost always come from cruel breeding facilities where they are confined to small, filthy spaces and receive little to none of veterinary care. By adopting from your local shelter, you are giving back to your community instead of helping cruel breeders profit.

6. Having a dog helps you destress and unwind. This life is full of stresses but having a rescue dog will always be there to listen. They will not ever judge you or let you down and are there to help you unwind and keep you at peace.

7. Increase social interactions. Dogs help you get out there and make new human friends by meeting them at your rounds at your local dog park or dog friendly café!

8. You will have a lifelong best friend. In your time with your rescue dog, you will have a confidante, a pal and mostly a beloved family member. You will never feel lonely and in return neither will your shelter dog.

9. Life will never be boring again. One thing that is for sure is that life with a rescue brings big changes in the best way possible. Your new pet will keep life exciting, fresh, and full of love.

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