National "Bring Your Cat to the Vet Day” August 22nd, 2018

Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital, Covington, Louisiana
July 2018

There is a national holiday for taking your furry friend to the vet! According to the American Humane Society, the only time cats visit the veterinarian is half as often as dogs, and many only go in when they are sick! And let’s face it, unfortunately cats get sick too. Although they are very good masters at hiding how they are feeling, they can endure the same diseases as humans and dogs can.

So let’s boost knowledge during this time to our purrfect feline enthusiasts, reminding them about the importance of preventive care, and mark your calendars to get your companion in for their exam with our Crosspoint Family any day but August 22 raises awareness.

So why are yearly visits for my pet so important? Well, most importantly, the physical exam allows our veterinarian to check for signs of illness and to discuss any changes that you may have or have not noticed. Your veterinarian will perform a head to tail exam to look for any abnormalities because the earlier they are discovered and addressed, the better the outcome will be overall. Also included in yearly examinations, are vaccines. Our 2 feline vaccines include FVRCP, which prevents three potentially deadly airborne viruses: rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, and panleukopenia; and the state required Rabies vaccine. Depending on your cat’s age and lifestyle, the veterinarian will determine which vaccines are more specific to your cat. Included in the annual vaccines is a topical intestinal parasite prevention called Profender. Profender is for the treatment and control of hookworms, roundworms, and tapeworms. It is highly recommended if your cat spends any time outdoors where he/she can be exposed.

Another vital piece of information is performing Wellness Blood-work depending on your cat’s age, and exam findings. Doing blood-work for screening is an important way to detect diseases early, even BEFORE they become symptomatic! As cat’s age diseases like hyperthyroidism, kidney disease, and diabetes become more common. The sooner these diseases are detected, treatment can be started right away, so speak with your veterinarian to take precautions on your feline friend’s health. We offer discounts up to $200 (60%) during annual visits on wellness bloodwork.

Any cat owner can validate how a veterinary visit can be stressful for cats. You know you should be taking your cat to the veterinarian for their routine wellness examination at least once a year, and more frequently if you have a senior cat, but the mere thought of it probably makes your blood pressure rise. Is there anything you do to make the visit less stressful for you and your cat? Here are a few tips to make the visit a more pleasant experience for you and your feline friend.

1. Have your appointment scheduled ahead of time? Bring out the carrier! Taking out the carrier and leaving in around will allow your cat to become accustomed to it and they can come and go and explore it as they please

2. Using synthetic pheromone product is a great way to prevent and decrease stress in cats. A great product is Feliway which can be found at your local pet store. Try spraying the inside of the carrier 30 minutes before your appointment time to help calm your cat and decrease anxiety.

3. Your favorite felines treat or catnip being placed inside the carrier associates your cat with a positive experience as they get more familiar with the carrier. Keep in mind that if your cat needs special bloodwork or surgery and needs to be fasted, please avoid giving any treats.

4. Placing familiar toys and blankets from home inside the carrier to can make the carrier more inviting and less foreignv

5. Try practice drives around the block to make your cat more accustomed to the car ride and being in the carrier. Most times, just the car ride to the vet makes for a stressful encounter at the vet, so always reward them with their favorite treat so they associate a positive experience with the car ride

6. If after trying the above tips with no prevail, ask your veterinarian if a sedative is right for your cat. The medication would be given prior to the visit to calm him/her for future visits

Here at Crosspoint Veterinary we have Fearfree Certified Professionals. We strive to make your pets visit as stress less as possible by using techniques to insure the best care for them. Some techniques include using Feliway, using a “kitty burrito”, and simply using another vet assistant for scratches under their chin!

Have plans for the day? Have to work? We offer drop offs! The best part of that is we have an all-inclusive kitty condo room, which also features a colorful fish tank that your furry friend can lay back, relax, and feel at ease! We will call and update you with any concerns and to let you know when he/she is ready to be picked up. So give us a call today to schedule your appointment here at Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital 985-888-1566 or schedule online.

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