Heartworm Testing

According to data collected by the American Heartworm Society, Southeast Louisiana has some of the highest incidence rates of heartworm disease in the United States. Heartworms are transmitted from infected animals by mosquitoes, and can infest dogs as well as cats. Heartworms not only affect the heart, but often the lungs and other areas of the body. Left untreated in dogs, heartworms can be fatal. Unfortunately there is not treatment for heartworm disease in cats at this time.

The best way to protect your furry family member from heartworm disease is prevention. Dr. McHughes attends numerous conferences and lectures each year to insure Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital carries only the safest and most effective heartworm prevention products available in veterinary medicine.

In the event your pet has not been on consistent heartworm prevention, Dr. McHughes follows the guidelines set forth by the American Heartworm Society and recommends testing for heartworm disease. We can safely and accurately test your pet right here at Crosspoint with a blood test. Dr. McHughes and her caring staff will take a blood sample and have the results for you while you wait. We hope your pet will be heartworm negative but if they do test positive, we will recommend a suitable heartworm prevention product for your dog or cat. In the event your dog is positive, Dr. McHughes will discuss treatment options; if your feline is positive, she will instruct you on the best way to manage heartworm disease, as there are no treatment options.

At Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital, we take heartworm disease very seriously and strive to have all of our clients using prevention for their dogs and cats. As with many other conditions, heartworm prevention is always less expensive and more effective than treatment. Please call Crosspoint to have your pet heartworm tested, and have our compassionate veterinarian determine a heartworm preventative that is right for your pet.

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