Responsible Pet Owners Month

Crosspoint Veterinary Hospital, Covington, Louisiana
February 2022

It’s Responsible Pet Owners Month, the month of February. Everyone knows that the 14th is a time to think of love, yes. But for the whole month, and every minute, who really loves you more than your dog, cat, or other furry or feathered friend? But, like everything that is worth having, there is work involved. Since nearly 10,000 years ago when humans first started keeping pets, our animals have had needs like ours: shelter, food and water, robust health, and most importantly, love. It is up to the owner to provide these things at a level beyond reproach. Too many pets are neglected and abused in the U.S. and around the world, so this month, outdo yourself in being a force to reverse that trend. What does responsible pet ownership mean?

Responsible pet ownership means not only making sure your pet is fed and uses the bathroom, but also giving them the love and attention they require, not overfeeding them, making sure they get exercise, and keeping them safe both when you’re home and away at work.

How do you promote responsible pet ownership?

You can promote responsible pet ownership by leading by example for your friends, family, and online followers as well as calling out when you witness maltreatment of pets.

What must pet owners do?

Pet owners are responsible for the well-being of their pet, that means researching the type of care your pet requires, keeping up with their vet appointments, training, giving them love and attention, and feeding them on time.


Take your pet to the vet

1. It is very important to take your pet to visit the vet at least once a year. Besides treating your pet for illnesses, your vet can also provide you with all of the information you will need on your pet's needs regarding diet, exercise, and living environment. If you haven’t brought your furry friend to see the doctor in a while, it's time!

2. Feed your pet a well-balanced and nutritious diet. Different pets need different diets, and it is essential that you know what type of food and portions your pet needs. A regular, portion controlled diet can help your pet live the best possible life. This is a great topic to bring up during your visit to the vet.

3. Pet-proof your home. A common mistake that many pet owners make is failing to realize all of the hidden dangers for their pet right inside their own home. Responsible Pet Owners Month is a perfect occasion to pet-proof your home. Research household products, foods, houseplants, and objects that are potential hazards for your pet. Dogs and cats are naturally curious, so be sure to place these items in a place they absolutely cannot reach.


1. Our pets deserve the best.We all want our pets to live happy and healthy lives. Responsible Pet Owners Month is a great reminder that there are always new ways to help our animal counterparts enjoy a more comfortable life. It is important to know your pet and what needs he or she may have. If you don’t already know what your pets optimal diet and exercise routine should be, this month is a great time to learn.

2. No amount of knowledge is too much. Responsible Pet Owners Month is an opportunity to celebrate responsible pet owners, but it was also created to spread awareness for the countless animals that aren’t so lucky. Every day dogs and cats are abused or mistreated in their own homes. It is important to spread awareness so that this injustice can be stopped.

3. Our pets have feelings too. Since our animals can’t speak to us in words, it can be easy to forget that they have the same emotions we do. They feel not only hunger but betrayal when they are not fed, sadness when we leave for too long, and joy and peace when they are loved. Responsible Pet Owners Month reminds us that our pets are not just toys or accessories; we have an obligation and responsibility to take excellent care of them.

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